The KNX system is our professional passion

For over 20 yearswe have been one of the most competent suppliers to large industrial companies in the area of building and house automation.

For device manufacturers not yet at home in the world of building networking, we offer ideal support – from the definition of requirements to sales and support. The experience of our software development team gets your product into the KNX network quickly and in a standard-compliant way. Thanks to KNX certification guaranteed by us, your system connects seamlessly into the building and provides undreamed-of usage possibilities in combination with other network devices.

KNX related services

  • KNX Stacks RF/TP/IP
  • KNX RF/TP Modules
  • KNX Hardware development
  • ETS Plug-Ins, ETS Apps as Device Configuration Apps (DCA)
  • Programmable (C#) SMART CONNECT KNX Programmable
  • Configuration software
  • KNX certification support (certification itself is carried out in a certified KNX test laboratory)


We can network a building or the entire world and integrate standalone solutions. In doing so, we rely on KNX and other standards to create maximum interoperability between systems that previously could not talk to each other. Adding a standalone system to a building network like KNX, Modbus, OPC or IP? Maybe you'd like to enable direct operation via Bluetooth® from a smartphone? It's all possible. Thanks to us.


In today's world, security isn't optional. It's the foundation of everything. This is why we have experts with a deep passion for security. This means that not a single bit of important data is left unencrypted, whether it's transmitted over a wire or wirelessly. We have developed a complete solution for remote access over the Internet, dubbed Secure Device Access (


We don't just make use of protocols developed by others, we invent new ones when a gap arises. For example, we're actively collaborating with others on KNX Secure and KNX Internet of Things (KNX IoT).