• Robust and simple access from everywhere (ETS, GPA, Homeserver, IP devices, camera)
  • Quick setup: no router configuration necessary and no VPN
  • Independent of provider and type of Internet access (LTE, etc.)
  • Security through access control and encryption
  • The smart home uses e-mail, SMS or voice message to send information on events
  • Meet customer wishes quicker, no more appointments or journey times
  • No follow-up costs (excluding SMS services, voice messages)1

This is how installation and communication works

The SMART CONNECT KNX Remote Access is simply connected to the home network. It then connects to the portal server (www.securedeviceaccess.net) automatically through your existing Internet connection. Communication between the Remote Access and the portal server is encrypted and secured with digital certificates.

With a connection to the home network, you can now access almost all of your network devices using the Internet. Depending on the network protocols supported by the respective device, access occurs directly through the SDA portal server or through the "SDA client" software available for windows platforms. If you have a KNX installation in your house, you can connect it to the SMART CONNECT KNX Remote Access using the KNX connection if desired. This enables you, or your electrical installer, to access your KNX devices from anywhere, e.g. with the ETS.

Don't worry, though. The portal server is located in Germany and is subject to the German Data Protection Law.