• Robust and simple access from everywhere (ETS, GPA, Homeserver, IP devices, camera)
  • Fast setup – no configuration needed on the router
  • Also maintain non-KNX systems remotely thanks to the integrated VPN1
  • Independent of provider and type of Internet access (mobile or landline)
  • Security through access control and encryption
  • The smart home uses push, e-mail, SMS or voice message to send information on events
  • Meet customer wishes quicker, no more appointments or journey times
  • No follow-up costs (excluding SMS services, voice messages)2

This is how installation and communication works

The SMART CONNECT KNX Remote Access is simply connected to the home network. It then connects to our server (my.ise.de) automatically through your existing Internet connection. Communication between the Remote Access and the server is encrypted and secured with digital certificates.

With a connection to the home network, you can now access almost all of your network devices using the Internet. Depending on the network protocols supported by the respective device, access occurs directly through my.ise or through the SDA Windows Client. As the SMART CONNECT KNX Remote Access version 6.1 and higher also works as a VPN server, you can now also easily perform many maintenance tasks remotely, which you could not realise with the Remote Access previously. You can use the KNX connection to connect the Remote Access with the KNX installation in your home. This enables you, or your electrical installer, to access your KNX devices from anywhere, e.g. with the ETS.

Don't worry, though. The server is located in Germany and is subject to the German Data Protection Law.

You can find answers to the most frequent questions about IT security with SMART CONNECT KNX Remote Access in our FAQs.

The Remote Access Mobile App

For all KNX smart home owners who can’t be everywhere at once – but would like to be: stay up to date via push messages on your smartphone. As soon as anything important happens in your KNX smart home, you receive a message straight to your mobile phone.

The + points at a glance:
+ Notifications delivered as a push notification on your smartphone
+ Manage and share notifications easily
+ Attachments as gallery view (e.g. IP cameras)
+ Convenient access to devices in the network

The app also offers real added value to system integrators, electricians and building services technicians who look after a number of KNX installations and wish to offer their customers an excellent service.

Log in with your personal my.ise access data. You will receive a comprehensive overview of all remote access devices in your account. Depending on your individual configuration, you will receive messages like: “Someone has opened a window”, “someone has rung the doorbell” or “the washing machine cycle has finished”. If you get notifications of movements on the property, for example, you can also have your IP camera send you an image as an attachment. The images are clearly shown in a gallery view.