Software of all sizes with short release cycles

For every requirement, there are experts with many years of experience on our team.

Microcontroller? With a battery? Linux system? PC software? Web-based cloud solution? Voice control? Remote access over the Internet? Thanks to our agile working style, we focus on maximum customer benefits and the fastest possible market viability. In the age of the Internet and accelerated communication, it even enables you to quickly respond to requirements which pop up on short notice, just as your customers increasingly expect.

Deployed according to demand

Assembler, C, C++, C#, .Net, WPF, HTML5, JavaScript, JSON, NodeJS or web services are not just buzzwords for us, but are used as a matter of course according to requirements.

Software of every size

From an energy-saving 8-bit application to a 64-bit server application as a distributed system in the cloud, we develop software of every size with passion.

Operating systems

If an operating system is being used, our strengths as a Microsoft and LPIC partner lie in the use of technologies in the Windows and Linux environments. Without an operating system, we simply program everything ourselves.

App development

Playtime is over. Apps have grown up and been going to work for a long time now. We have mastered both native and HTML5-based app development for iOS, Android and Windows Mobile and would also be happy to push a notification to your app.

Quality concept

To make sure that a high level of quality is always maintained, we have developed a quality concept which ensures that your software always works the way users expect thanks to a high degree of automation, build after build and day after day.

Certified processes

Our certified processes, software architects and developers are your quality guarantee.