You’ll be seeing quite a bit of mud.

Mudflat hiking, mudflat races, even mudflat parties? Around Oldenburg, there’s plenty of opportunities to have some fun in the mud.
The „WATT EN SCHLICK" festival in Dangast on the shore of the North Sea UNESCO World Natural Heritage Site, the unique „Duhner Wattrennen" tideland horse race, the sledge races at the „Karneval im Watt" mudflats carnival, the „Upleward Mud Games" ...There’s not mud more you could ask for!


Hamburg, Harz or Holland

And if your love of music has you yearning for the Elphi, you’ve already polished off the last of that tasty cheese from the Dutch market or your feet are itching to get some skis on in the mountains, Oldenburg's perfect location means you can reach a whole range of fantastic places in just a few hours. Those with a more serious case of wanderlust are well catered for by the region’s airports.


Kale tales

Ask an Oldenburg citizen about palm trees and they’ll immediately think of kale – after all, East Frisian Palm Kale lies at the heart of some of their most captivating traditions. Our legendary kale tours await you – and there are many more to discover in the capital of kale.


The city of Oldenburg

When a city has more bicycles than residents, it says a lot about its attitude to life...A plethora of colourful bikes, quaint little bridges, bicycle boulevards, the enchanting historic centre with Germany’s oldest pedestrian-only zone and an abundance of green characterise the cityscape.

A myriad of tempting culinary offers, the "Kultursommer" festival, the "Oldenburg International Film Festival", city of science, Oldenburg is as diverse as your new job!

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Also worth a visit in the vicinity

Oldenburg is surrounded by 100 truly amazing kilometres - the bike route connects Ammerland for garden lovers and the expansive Wesermarch with its invigorating North Sea breeze, beaches and dykes to the Wildeshauser Geest Nature Park and its thick blanket of heather, ancient forests and tranquil moors.
Head to Bad Zwischenahn to see the “sea”, to Dangast or Schillig if you fancy a dip or if some serious rocking out is what you’re after, the "Deichbrandfestival" in Cuxhaven definitely won’t disappoint. 

Useful phrases:

Plattdeutsch – Programmiersprech, Programmiersprech – Plattdeutsch


Smart home = wies hus
We’re in the sprint = Dat Löppt
Keyboard = Tüddelbrett
To program = programmeren
Good Morning, Alexa! = Moin Alexa! 
Hello, Alexa! = Moin Alexa!
Good Evening, Alexa! = Moin Alexa!
The computer crashed = de Computer is offstött
That’s easy = dat is man ’n Bigahn
We have achieved a lot = wi hebben düchtig wat an de Kant sett
He made a mistake = he hett en Pudel backt
It’s going well = de Saak kummt nu good in Fahrt
He slept in = he het verslapen
Give me the mouse = do mi mol de muus
Cool place to work = goode stee to warken