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We are proud! SmartHome Deutschland Awards 2023

SMART CONNECT KNX e-charge II wins prize at the SmartHome Deutschland Award 2023

WOW! Our SMART CONNECT KNX e-charge II was nominated from a large number of applications for the category "Best Product" by "SmartHome Deutschland". Today was the day: 3rd place! This makes us incredibly proud and we have every reason to celebrate.

"ise Individuelle Software und Elektronik GmbH impressed with its approach to electric mobility in the KNX Smart Home under the motto "Charging. The smart way". With the SMART CONNECT KNX e-charge II, the risk-free, easy integration of charging points from a wide range of manufacturers into a KNX system succeeds.", "SmartHome Deutschland" cited as the reason for the award.

This wouldn't have been possible without our great employees from the most diverse areas - and not without our customers anyway. Because we have already convinced them! For us, this is no reason to rest, but an incentive to keep going. Because we are thinking of you! For those who are looking for a simple and efficient solution. And this is only the beginning. Stay tuned!

Click here for the video pitch of the SMART CONNECT KNX e-charge II

More information about the "SmartHome Initiative Deutschland e. V." and the award can be found at https://www.smarthome-deutschland.de/award.html.

Information about the gateway can be found on the SMART CONNECT KNX e-charge II product website.