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25 years ise!

25 years ise!
25 years ise!

Over 100 nerds from all over the world and a quarter of a century of experience.
To all employees, customers, friends and other companions we say:
Thank you for always believing in our vision - a smart thing!

This year everything is different, but we celebrated anyway! Instead of the usual celebration at the staff meeting with culinary treats, a virtual regulars' table was planned for the company birthday on March 15 in 2021. It turned out to be a memorable event!

One team, a virtual celebration, a successful surprise
The team of colleagues secretly made plans for a birthday present behind the back of the management! Circular e-mails, collection campaigns, chats - it's not so easy that the management doesn't find out. But in fact: 120 employees, a virtual celebration and surprised bosses came together! During the regulars' table, a mega-cool music video, individually self-produced by the colleagues, started at 7:30 p.m.! But not everyone was sitting at the PC... the doors of the unsuspecting management rang simultaneously and the handing over of the special gift baskets with flowers, a delicious drop, the 25th anniversary photo album as well as the creatively designed ise record was transmitted to all employees via live broadcast.

Special time travel
There was also an anniversary surprise for the employees: As Easter was just around the corner, this year's Easter packages turned out to be a bit more unusual: In addition to the chocolate Easter bunny, there was prosecco, streamers and confetti, but also a special journey through time: An individual, multi-page anniversary card with a timeline of the last 25 years and the ever-popular "Muckels"!

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