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ise Christmas donation for CSD Northwest, Johanniter warm up bus and Trauerland

ise Individual Software and Elektronik GmbH has once again decided to donate to non-profit institutions instead of Christmas gifts for business partners this year. On 17 December, Detlef Boss and Christoph Sahm from the ise Management presented the representatives of three organisations a cheque for 1000 euros each and thanked them for their important social commitment.

"There are so many meaningful regional institutions and everyone could have used the donation well," explains Christoph Sahm, managing director of ise, in his welcome speech. "That's why we asked our employees to make suggestions instead of selecting organizations directly. The recipients were enthusiastically announced at our employee meeting."

The ise is pleased that the organisations accepted the invitation and offered a personal opportunity to exchange concerns, needs and upcoming projects. The representatives of the associations also added a lot of information about the institutions and the motivation behind them. Anja Schlottke, group leader of psychosocial emergency care, commented on how the financial assistance with the warm up bus of the Johanniter Unfall Hilfe e.V. can be used: "We also convert - but not only - into food portions. Whether we can spend 1000 portions of soup or distribute sleeping bags, there are so many areas for which we need donations. We were recently able to equip our warm up bus with a protective awning and are very grateful for the great helpfulness of the Oldenburger people. Our volunteers are our most important asset, and here too we have to ensure that they are provided with safe equipment so that they can do this job well."

Martina Kautzenbach and Winfried Richert came as representatives for Trauerland e.V.. The association accompanies children in their grief for the loss of people close to them. "The donation means a lot to us. Since 95% of our work is financed by donations, every donation counts, regardless of the amount. The money is guaranteed to benefit a good purpose. We have just celebrated our 20th anniversary and were very pleased to receive Lower Saxony's Prime Minister Stephan Weil as a guest," reported Winfried Richert.

Klemens Sieverding and Achim Bayer represented the board of CSD Nordwest e.V. "Our organisation has a special political mission behind it. That is why we find it a valuable encouragement that companies are thinking about supporting us," said Klemens Sieverding, also on behalf of the numerous volunteers who have been organizing the event „CSD Northwest“ with a lot of energy for 25 years and have been organizing the interests of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans and intersex people in Oldenburg and the Northwest.

All those present also agreed among themselves that it only works through the helpfulness and donation of the people, the tireless commitment of the volunteers and a personal exchange. "We take our social responsibility as a company seriously and, in the form of this donation, we would like to thank the volunteers of non-profit institutions who are working with heart and soul for the people in need.“, explained Detlef Boss, ise Managing director, the motivation behind the ise donation.

from left to right: Detlef Boss (ise Management), Klemens Sieverding, Achim Bayer (CSD Nordwest e.V.), Martina Kautzenbach, Winfried Richert (Trauerland e.V.), Anja Schlottke (Johanniter-Unfall-Hilfe e.V.), Christoph Sahm (ise Management)

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