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ise Christmas donation 2020

Once again, ise employees were asked to suggest charitable organisations that should receive the traditional Christmas donation this year.

The "AIDS-Hilfe Oldenburg", the "Falkenaugen, Rastede" and the "Oldenburger Straßenengel e.V." were delighted to receive this year's donation of € 1,000 each.

As different as the recipients are, so different are the purposes for the donations. The "AIDS-Hilfe Oldenburg", for example, needs a new treatment chair, the "Falkenaugen" will spend the money for various nature projects with children and young people and the "Straßenengel e.V." urgently need their own vehicle to procure and deliver the donations to the needy and homeless.

But they all have one thing in common: the joy of donating money to do good in this special time.

#Cooltimetodonate #MerryChristmasforeveryone #Coolplacetowork #Weareone #Stayhealthy

from left to right: Christoph Sahm (ise Management), Claudia Voogd (AIDS-Hilfe Oldenburg), Regina and Lutz Wemken with Marla (Falkenaugen Rastede), Liane Neumann (Oldenburger Straßenengel e.V.)

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