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The SMART CONNECT KNX e-charge II is available!

The new SMART CONNECT KNX e-charge II is a real problem solver. A high energy demand with too small grid connection has been a challenge for many owners of electric vehicles until now.

Dynamic load management
The solution: With the SMART CONNECT KNX e-charge II and dynamic load management (DLM) you charge with secure mains power! The available electricity is evenly distributed to all charging points, preventing the household connection from becoming overloaded. Thus, no complex, expensive and larger mains connection is necessary, long charging times are eliminated.

Different manufacturers and mixed operation
Would you like to use charging points from different manufacturers? This is also possible! Up to five charging points from different manufacturers can be integrated in mixed operation. This offers maximum flexibility in terms of different brands and models.
To the overview of supported charging points

Configuration and visualization
The gateway enables the comprehensive integration of charging points in your KNX system and is fully configurable in the ETS. No additional software is required and all data is clearly arranged in one system. Important consumption values can be conveniently read via the visualization.

The SMART CONNECT KNX e-charge II can be connected to your KNX installation via IP or RS485 (Modbus) and can be configured via ETS. Also benefit from KfW eligibility!

Watch more info in the video: SMART CONNECT KNX e-charge II