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The new MySDA app for iOS is available!


The MySDA app uses push notifications to keep you informed of all events in your KNX Smart Home.

Secure remote access to your home network couldn’t be easier. This app is ideal for KNX Smart Home owners who want to be updated about every event in their KNX Smart Home. However, it is also designed for system integrators, electricians and building services technicians who look after a number of KNX installations and wish to offer their customers an excellent service.

The app’s benefits summed up
+ All SDA notifications delivered as a push notification on your smartphone
+ Manage and share notifications easily
+ All attachments as gallery view (e.g. IP cameras)
+ Convenient access to devices in the network

Log in with your personal SDA access data. You will receive a comprehensive overview of all remote access devices in your account.

The app will inform you of events in your KNX installation depending on the configuration. For example: “Someone has opened a window”, “someone has rung the doorbell” or “the washing machine cycle has finished”.

If you get notifications of movements on the property, for example, you can also have your IP camera send you an image as an attachment. All images are displayed in a clearly arranged gallery in the app.

All devices at a glance: An overview shows you compatible devices in your network, including their IP address. The app allows you to conveniently access the device website.

Security: Communication between the MySDA app, our SDA portal server and your KNX Smart Home is encrypted and secured with digital certificates. Don't worry, though. The portal server is located in Germany and is subject to the German Data Protection Law and the GDPR.

Push it.

My SDA on the App Store