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New firmware version available for the SMART CONNECT KNX Vaillant

The new update V2 for the SMART CONNECT KNX Vaillant is available.

  • NEW: The SMART CONNECT KNX Vaillant supports with update V2 also the sensoCOMFORT system controller.
    Together with the system controllers sensoCOMFORT or multiMATIC, the SMART CONNECT KNX Vaillant offers integration between eBUS and KNX.
  • NEW: Additional communication objects provide a great deal of key information.
    New status values for:
    Heating circuit: Pump status, flow setpoint temperature, flow temperature, minimum flow setpoint temperature for cooling mode
    Hot water: Circulation pump status, charging pump/3-way valve status, hot water temperature

The device can be updated using the integrated function on the device web page. The update is free of charge.