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New firmware version 7 for the SMART CONNECT KNX Remote Access available!


There's great news about the SMART CONNECT KNX Remote Access: In addition to a renaming of the Remote Access tools and an update of the product website, the new "graphs" feature is waiting for you with firmware version 7! So your must-have for the smart home is simply better.

Know what's going on thanks to clear graphs
Is the electricity consumed exactly when the photovoltaic system generates the most energy? Is the heating system set efficiently? Do the hydrangeas need water since it hasn’t rained for a while? All these and many more questions now answer themselves. The Remote Access records the values of up to 200 data points and displays them clearly as graphs. The graphs can also be embedded in visualizations. This way, you always have the main information from your smart home right before your eyes!

Renaming of Remote Access tools
"Secure Device Access" is now "my.ise"! This name makes it clear at a glance that you can register and manage an ise product there – namely the SMART CONNECT KNX Remote Access. Nothing will change for you, except that our emails will come from the sender "my.ise". This also applies to forwardings via SMS. To manage devices, users and accounts, go to my.ise.de from now on. Please update your bookmarks in the browser if necessary.

In the future, the mobile app "Remote Access" and the Windows software for remote maintenance, the "Remote Access Windows Client", also will have matching names. So everything is from a single source!

Security updates
Another important change: new features are now only available for devices with an index status of I01 or higher. But don't worry: devices with an index status of I00 or without an index status will continue to receive security updates. Before updating the application, please check in the ETS whether your firmware can be updated!