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„We stay at home" - in these times the own home becomes the focus of everyday life even more, like a safe castle. It is being renovated, a cozy ambience is being created and certainly investments are also being made related to smart home.

Now the relevance of secure remote access is even more clearly than under “regular” circumstances. Stay away - be close, with the good feeling that safety is the top priority. Due to the relocation of the professional activity to the home office, some services are currently not possible - however, this gap can be partially filled.


+ Service and remote maintenance - fast and uncomplicated

+ Easy commissioning of the KNX system

+ Convenient, safe, without follow-up costs - also from the home office

+ Encrypted communication and full access control

Remote commissioning of KNX systems is easy with the ISE SMART CONNECT KNX REMOTE ACCESS and without complex configuration of the connection. Easy to set up, secure remote installation and configuration - significant advantages that are particularly noticeable at the current time.

Make full use of the gateway functionalities to generate added value: Why not offer services such as remote maintenance of the KNX system to your customers? Or discuss options with your customers to implement change requests. The project planning of new devices, the use of scenes, changing the lighting - your professional "check" will surely yield further optimization potential. In the event of errors, thanks to the remote diagnosis functionality with data logger, you can help hassle-free and underline your competence.

Not to forget: your own protection! In times of Corona, with Remote Access you are a bit safer "on the go" - with customer contact, but from a safe distance. Even longer journeys or country-specific entry requirements are no obstacle - the ISE SMART CONNECT KNX REMOTE ACCESS overcomes national borders, worldwide.

If you would like to keep some products in stock, we can process your order safely and promptly at the current time. Do you have any questions or requests? We are still there for you and can be reached - by phone or e-mail we will take care of your concern as usual.