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New firmware version "ise smart connect KNX Hue"

From now on the ise smart connect KNX Hue will be delivered in version 4.0.

With the new version it is possible to integrate the created scenes via the Philips Hue app into the KNX system. Furthermore, it is now also possible to flash the Hue scenes in addition for a certain time and return to the original state again. Use cases would be for example a visual doorbell or the washing machine is ready. The imagination knows no limits.

All new features at a glance

  • Up to five Philips Hue Bridges per device

  • Support for Philips Hue scenes

  • Signal flashing of scenes (certain duration, return to original state)

  • Configuration of the switch-on brightness per lamp via ETS or device website (Last brightness value, 5% ... 100% in 5% steps)

  • Configure the dimming behavior with absolute brightness per lamp via ETS or device website (standard Philips Hue behavior, dim or jump to value)

  • Color conversion for compatibility with common color pickers (tested with Gira G1, Gira Homeserver, Elsner CorloTouch, Jung SmartVisu)

  • New device website with integrated update functionality (applies to future updates)

  • New ETS product database entry with channel structure

Further information can be found here.

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