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New features for our plug-in "ise smart app KNX Axis"

Combine the world of building automation (KNX) with the security technology of the Axis Communications company. Utilise the strengths of both worlds and integrate network cameras, door stations and network loudspeakers into the KNX – with no additional hardware! Simply plug our plug-in into the Axis IP product, configure it and that’s it!

As a new feature, the reliable communication via WLAN is now supported (preventing telegram loss) as well as a new generation of processors.

All new features at a glance

  • Support for Wi-Fi cameras (Only in conjunction with other system components that also support reliable communication, e.g. Gira KNX / IP Router)

  • Support of the processor type ARMv7hf of the latest camera generation (e.g., D2050-VE Network Radar Detector)

  • New design of the plug-in website

Further information can be found here.

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