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Never cold feet again...

Comfortable temperature — room by room — day and night

Admittedly: We cannot influence the weather yet, but in your home we can ensure the perfect feel-good temperature.

With the ISE SMART CONNECT KNX VIEGA, your comfort zone always prevails and you can also save energy.


Always comfortably warm:

  • Time-dependently control the temperature (setpoint) in each room

  • Automatic, permanent hydraulic balancing with Fonterra Smart Control

  • Five basic units with up to eight room temperature sensors and 12 outlets each are supported

Guests home tonight?

  • Even at late hours nobody has to freeze: Easily adjust the temperature for your living room, bathroom, etc.

Spontaneous dinner date?

  • When it gets much later in the evening, you can easily adjust the temperature while on the move so that empty rooms are not heated

  • Remote access e.g. via the ISE SMART CONNECT KNX REMOTE ACCESS

Save money and the environment?

  • The perfectly adapted control saves energy, so more remains in your wallet

Longer away - on holiday or on a business trip?

  • To save energy, they set how long you are absent. At the time of your return you will be welcomed again with your comfort temperatures

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