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More space for visions!

Values can only be preserved through change.

Richard Löwenthal (1908-91), ger.-engl.publicist and political scientist

To preserve and strengthen our company values, we will move ...

From 1st of August 2015, you will find us in the

Osterstraße 15

Zip code, telephone and e-mail remain as before.

Only about 300 meters from our previous place of work we found a larger building - just as near as before to the station and the city. There we can welcome our business partners much better according to our technical and spatial requirements in one of our conference rooms, and present our products personally in our new showroom.

For our team we provide a larger living area with lounge and library - for a communicative exchange in a relaxed atmosphere, to read magazines or just to chill out in the creative breaks.

Proven remains:
Kickers, darts, pinball, Xbox and PC games are placed in a spacious games room and, not to forget, our music room for after-work sessions.

To move without mishaps and stress and have workplaces, servers and PCs ready for optimal use again, we have company holidays from 27th-31st July 2015.

From 1st of August 2015 we surf from cloud to cloud, embedding devices and programming the future in our new premises!

Yours ise GmbH

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