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ise is celebrating three 20-years-anniversaries in 2020

ise is celebrating three 20-years-anniversaries

As part of the virtual employee meeting on June 19th 2020 the ise executive Directors Alexander and Christoph Sahm proclaimed pleased three 20-years-anniversaries. A big thank you for the longstanding commitment and belonging to ise Individuelle Software und Elektronik GmbH goes to Claudia Cyriacks-Schmitt, Lutz Rache and Detlef Boss.

Claudia Cyriacks-Schmitt, since March 1st 2000 at ise, started originally as a programmer. Over time she has taken more responsibility in the area of organisation and administration of the then still young company, so 5 years later she conferred procuration. As a member of the management and responsible training manager in the area of commercial education, she is a reliable and safe bank within the corporate family.

Lutz Rache, Dipl.-Ing. (FH) of technical computer science, has been part of the ise-family since February 1st 2000 and has taken different functions in the company and today he is besides his job as an allround-developer, technical Product Owner esteemed apprenticeship trainer for the important area of technical youth work.

Detlef Boss, Dipl.-Ing. (FH) of technical computer science, has been also in action since February 1st 2000 and is executive Director of ise. Once upon a Time, him and Lutz Rache also had studied together in Bremen, from where a yellow pages listing led directly to the ise. While training as an industrial electronics technician and the following Computer Science studies he already cared about developing of electronic products. With this background, his skills and his last name he could not refuse the post as managing director in 2007.

Christoph Sahm thanked in the name of all partner for the longstanding company affiliation, in which through also some hard times were shaped by cohesion. A small excerpt of funny anecdotes suggest that there have been a lot of beautiful moments, too.

PS: Who has never got to know the "Yellow pages": :)

Photo from left to right: Lutz Rache, Claudia Cyriacks-Schmitt, Detlef Boss, Christoph Sahm

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