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Girls’ Day: Register now!

“Programming homepages, installing hardware: let me have a go!” This is ise’s motto for Girls’ Day 2016, a Germany-wide program to give young women a taster of work in science, technology and engineering. That means in practise, girls learn by doing, for example, testing themselves how a source code works or how to restore an external hard drive.

The focus is on the following questions:

  • What does software development actually mean?

  • How do I design a homepage?

  • What do I put in a computer?

  • And what kind of professions are around IT, which requirements do you need and what are the different training schedules?

This is now the sixteenth occasion that ise GmbH has put on a day especially designed for girls’ and promoting future career paths in science, technology and engineering. “Women are still underrepresented in IT professions,” said ise Managing Director Christoph Sahm, “so we are delighted to do our bit to help generate interest in computing among girls at a young age”.

Girls’ Day is on Thursday 28 April from 9am until 3.30pm at ise’s office on Osterstraße in Oldenburg, Germany. Please go to the Girls’ Day website at to register.

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