Information on data protection

The protection of your privacy and, accordingly, your personal data while using this Internet presence is of utmost importance to ise. For this reason we hereby explain our methods of handling your personal data.

  • Each time a user accesses a ise page and each time a file is called up, data are saved to a log file as a result of this action. These data are saved for internal, system-based purposes only.

  • Personal data are only accessed by us when you contact us directly, e.g. via e-mail. Moreover, personal data are only saved when you provide them to us, e.g. within the context of registration, a survey, a contest or when concluding a contract.

  • Any personal data arising in this context are generated, processed and used in accordance with the respective valid regulations for the protection of personal data, solely for the purpose of contract implementation and to protect authorised internal company interests regarding the consulting and care of our customers and need-based product design.

  • Our employees are sworn to secrecy regarding personal data. These data are only passed on when required for fulfilment of the contract. Such third parties are also sworn through agreements to comply with the protection of users' data.

  • You can withdraw your consent regarding the processing and use of your personal data at any time effective now and in the future. For this purpose, it is sufficient to send an e-mail to the e-mail address named in the imprint or another written message to the addresses named in the imprint.

  • All data found and hosted (i.e. stored) on our servers are protected against access by unauthorised persons through the use of a succession of security systems. Our employees and system service providers regularly check the effectiveness of this protection.

  • Cookies are small text fragments transferred from the Internet to your computer along with the actual requested data. These data are stored there and held ready for subsequent retrieval.
    As part of the login process, in particular, session cookies are required, as we use a so-called single sign-on concept during authentication and for access control to the various different areas of our portal for reasons of user-friendliness.
    This includes the set-up of a "session" between the client and server which enables you to move throughout the entire portal without having to log in again to access each individual area. This session is represented by a cookie here, in which a randomly generated number is placed.
    In addition, the login information you were assigned (user name, user rights and the validity of the session) is saved in another cookie for access control. This could be viewed as back-up login information. Instead of prompting you to enter your login information again, the cookie is sent to the server and accepted as identity verification.

  • We take care to comply with the data protection regulations in every area of our platform and company. We reserve the express right to change, supplement, correct or completely or partially do away with these data protection regulations at any time, especially when new legal requirements or technical developments make corresponding changes to these data protection regulations necessary. If you have any questions, you can also contact us directly. Please write to:

ise Individuelle Software und Elektronik GmbH
Osterstraße 15
26122 Oldenburg