Quality awareness

Quality consciousness

Customers today expect devices and software to work from the start. And you know what? They're right! Quality isn't an option, it's a requirement. That's why quality assurance is firmly anchored in our processes and developed further on a continual basis.

To our developers, this means no work results without test results. Using multi-stage, largely automated test programs, we test whether the updated component performs its function each time a change is made (continuous integration) and, at least every night, whether the entire system (including interfaces) is functioning outwardly as expected. To achieve this goal in a systematic way, we have also developed our own individualised test set-ups.

No work results without test results

We present our customers with transparent work results on a regular basis thanks to our repetitive development method. This creates trust and allows development to be steered based on current knowledge.

Since we don't just write text for web pages, but carry out this process at the company day in and day out as well, our processes are also certified within the frame work of ISO 9001.

Certified ISO 9001