ise smart connect KNX Sonos

Controlling up to five Sonos master devices plus up to 25 slaves simply via the KNX– no longer a dream of the future thanks to this adapter newcomer by ise! Choose to control each room separately or the complete house via the party mode.

Crystal clear hi-fi sound and nearly unlimited sound scenarios: the Sonos sound system enhances digital music with a varied landscape of wireless speakers and audio systems. This sound wonder only has one drawback: until now, it had to be controlled via a special app, especially during zone use; a handicap for all KNX users!

But now, the ise smart connect KNX Sonos connects this sound family to the world of KNX and makes it even easier to handle. With dynamic zone formation, up to five Sonos master devices can be connected via IP and each can be linked with up to five Slave units. Hereby, either each master device is assigned its own music program or one master device controls the complete device set-up.


  • control to play playlists
  • title, artist, and album in running text on KNX text objects.
  • total volume control of master, slave, and the complete group
  • dynamic zone building for up to five zones with one master each and up to five slave devices via KNX objects
  • playing music from the SD card in ise smart connect KNX Sonos
  • for the latest version of ETS4 or ETS5
  • NEW: support for analog and optical inputs of the Sonos Playbar and Sonos Connect / Connect:Amp
  • NEW: start title in playlists can jump directly
  • NEW: preselection of volume and unmute at source selection
  • NEW: play announcements (temporarily interrupting of the current playback)

Use cases:

  • Good bye Sonos-App, hello KNX: Finally, Sonos sound systems can now be controlled independently from the Sonos-App using only KNX functions.
  • Do not miss the chime: If someone rings at the door, music playback is paused and a pre-recorded door signal is played back in one or all groups.
  • Never roar “Lunch ready” any more: At your fingertip, the scenario “Call for lunch“ is started. While the announcement plays, the playback of music is paused in all groups.
  • Music against burglars: Lights and blinds are known in the presence simulation. Now also the world of audio can be integrated. Just let play some music from time to time in the living room or the kitchen
  • Your favorite music in the bathroom: In the future, entering the bathroom does not only turn on the light automatically, but also your music starts playing.

New firmware version for ise smart connect KNX Sonos available!

From now on, the ise smart connect KNX Sonos will delivered in version 2.3 (Mai 2016).

Improvements in the new version:

  • Fix: Line-In / TV / Radio can not be selected when the slot was previously configured as an announcement.
  • Fix: A very often repeated message in a very short time does not return to the original status.

You can perform an update of the device with the built-in function on the device website or you use the current firmware (see below) with the Firmware-Update Tool.
An update of the product database entry (KNXPROD) is NOT required if previously Version 2.1 was used.


Sonos is a registered trademark of Sonos, Inc. in the USA, Canada, Great Britain, Belgium, Luxemburg, the Netherlands, Japan, Mexico, Germany, Russia and Australia, and a trademark of Sonos, Inc. in other countries.


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