ise smart connect KNX Hue

Starting now, the popular light system Philips Hue is also finally controllable via all KNX control elements. Each lamp’s color value and brightness can be defined. Light becomes individually configurable.

The summer mood caught at the ocean with your smart phone again lights up at home. Program your own sunrise. Or set the stage for your own house party – the individualization of light and thus the enhancement of quality of life comes true with the wireless lighting system Hue by Philips. The only drawback to KNX users: the lack of perfect integration into the KNX system.

The solution comes in the form of the new ise smart connect KNX Hue: with the KNX system, the innovative KNX adapter lets you control up to 25 Hue lights via dimmer or switch. From warm to lively, the lamps’ LED technology opens up the wide spectrum of light hues. Individual RGB values can be set for each individual lamp. The KNX control element lets you choose comfortably between complete light scenarios and separate control.


  • separate control of up to 25 Philips Hue lamps for switching and dimming
  • individual control of RGB color
  • for the latest version of ETS4 or ETS5
  • individual control of color temperature

Use cases:

  • Stay mobile with your light: From now on, the color temperature of floor and table lamps as well as the ambient lighting can be controlled via KNX. 
  • Create atmosphere: From daylight in the make-up mirror up to the candlelight at the romantic dining table, all scenarios are controllable with the KNX adapter. 
  • Fall asleep or wakeup scenarios: For example, children may find better to sleep when the brightness is gradually lowered. Or a simulated sunrise ensures a carefree awakening in the morning. 
  • Show me the way: If you have to use the toilet at night, let dimmed lights show you the way to the bathroom. 
  • Light against burglars: The Philips Hue system can be integrated easily in a KNX presence simulation.

Philips Hue

Philips and Hue are registered trade marks of KoninklijkePhilips Electronics NV.

New firmware version for ise smart connect KNX Hue available!

From now on, the ise smart connect KNX Hue will delivered in version 3.1.1025 (May 2016)

Improvements in the new version:

  • Due a firmware update of the Hue Bridge from Philips it is necessary, that the ise smart connect KNX Hue need a newer firmware version to ensure the functionality. After the update of the ise smart connect KNX Hue firmware it is required to reregister the ise smart connect KNX Hue at the Hue Bridge again.
    See also manual page 42 "6.8 Registering the HueApp at the Philips Hue Bridge"

For an update of the device you need the latest firmware (see below) and the Firmware-Update Tool.

With the new firmware, the new version 3.1 of the product database entry (KNXPROD) is required.


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